East End Press A3 Risoprint In Pinks

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Brighten up your space with East End Press' delightful A3 risograph print featuring a vibrant everlasting floral bouquet. Printed in the UK on recycled paper, each print is bright and bold and adds a pop of colour to any room.

Risograph printing, akin to screen printing, employs a mechanical process where each colour layer is printed individually. This technique allows for layering colours intricately to create additional tones, resulting in a visually striking appearance reminiscent of traditional screen printing.

About East End Press

East End Press, a Scottish paper-craft brand, draws inspiration from folk art and storytelling to craft hand-printed greetings cards, garlands, and decorations. Their commitment to sustainability shines through in the use of recycled paper and sustainably sourced wood. The vibrant, intense colours on their products result from screen printing, and they proudly avoid using plastic. Both their products and packaging are crafted from recycled paper, specifically from cotton waste in the textile industry.