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Tartan Trailburner Eilean Donan Castle A3 print

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Have you ever seen Eilean Donan castle from above? Tartan Trailburner knows this secret spot with the perfect view framed by sweet-smelling gorse and she's shared it with us by way of this beautiful art print.

About Tartan Trailburner

Meet Lizzie, also known as Tartan Trailburner, a passionate illustrator captivated by the beauty of Scotland. When she's not out exploring the stunning landscapes, she's diligently crafting artwork in her studio. Lizzie's creations go beyond repeating patterns; she specialises in bringing Scotland's breathtaking landscapes to life through her illustrations. You can find her exquisite work available for purchase here, including prints and postcards that allow you to cherish the essence of Scotland's natural wonders.