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About this issue

After the successful launch of the first Hidden Scotland magazine in September, we’re proud to say we have just launched its successor: our Spring/Summer 2021 issue.

Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal and revisitation – and our candy-striped cover star is a fine example. When puffins and other nesting seabirds return to Scotland for their annual residency, it’s a sure sign that the seasons are shifting. For those brief, bright few months, their busy island colonies are a reassurance that the world keeps turning.

Aptly, the themes of nature and connection run through this issue. We look at ways in which you can allow your feral side some freedom – and boost your wellbeing – with a focus on wild foraging from expert Leanne Townsend, and a wild swimming feature from acclaimed Taking the Plunge author Anna Deacon, evoking the mixture of calm and euphoria that follows a dip. Adding to the mix is a piece by Emily Rose Mawson on that most elusive of Scottish animals: the wildcat.

Elsewhere, we continue to shine a light on the country’s different faces, not only showcasing the elemental beauty of its furthest-flung coastlines but exploring the dynamic urban spirit that keeps Glasgow as one of the UK’s most exciting cities. Island life, too, plays a prominent part. On Shetland, locals Misa Hay and Garry Jamieson introduce us to the archipelago’s deep-rooted knitting traditions, tracing the timeless evolution of island wool from sheep to sweater. Back on the mainland, meanwhile, we follow a creative heritage of a different kind, with a journey of discovery through Speyside’s world-famous malt whisky distilleries.

And that’s not all. Within the pages of this issue you’ll also find age-old folklore, a stirring account of a trip to Fair Isle, a shortbread recipe from the kitchen of Great British Bake Off finalist Flora Shedden, and a tour of Argyll’s storied castles with ‘The Castle Hunter’, David C. Weinczok. Should you be planning a getaway of your own, meanwhile, we’ve hand-picked 12 of Scotland’s most remote accommodation retreats. We think you’ll be glad to know about them.

We hope you enjoy the journey.