Glenshee Pottery Red Slate Roof Bothy With Red Windows

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These delightful ‘Wee Bothies’ are individually handmade from start to finish.

No two are ever exactly the same shape or size which adds to their charm. Choose your favourite colour or grab a few and create a little village on your mantelpiece.

Approx  5cm x 4cm x 3cm

About Glenshee Pottery

Glenshee Pottery, nestled in Brechin, Scotland, is renowned for its charming Wee Bothy creations. Their hand-thrown pottery, crafted from red and white earthenware clay, each one slightly different and unique. The Ceramic Bothies by Glenshee Pottery, born in the Scottish Highlands, have gained popularity since summer 2019. These delightful handmade bothies, with their unique size and glaze variations, add character to any space. Each bothy is a solid piece of clay, intricately stamped by hand to showcase windows, doors, and tin roofs. Collect them to create a charming wee village in your home.